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Lovely Pinterest

October 5, 2012

I must apologise for my lack of blog commitment of late. Who knew a little baby could take up quite so much time. However, here I am, ready to write another entry. So, here it goes…

Mr lovelybyhanna and I recently purchased an iPad as a reward to ourselves over the sleepless nights and the huge task of being first time parents. Well done us. During said sleepless nights (spent feeding mini lovelybyhanna), I would spend what seemed like hours searching the internet on my trusted little iPhone for things to keep me awake and part of what drove our decision to upgrade to the iPad was my frustration with the little screen and inability to drool over gorgeous things on noths!


Searching through the app store one day, I came across Pinterest. Now I’d heard about this before but had never got round to signing up. But now I have and Oh my, do I love it?! It’s basically a way of bookmarking different things that take your fancy from the world wide web. I’ve found some fabulous things already: a baby bib which reads “these fools put my cape on backwards”, an amazing recipe for hand scrub (excellent Christmas gift idea!) and a delicious recipe for the easiest peanut butter cookies known to man. I insist you sign up and get pinning. I’m actually addicted.

Love, lovelybyhanna xxx


Lovely Trumpette

April 4, 2012

One of the best things about babies is there squishy little legs. FACT. So imagine my excitement and levels of gushiness when I came across the cutest accessories for the footsies of little ones…Trumpette.

Now Mrlovelybyhanna and I don’t know what flavour our little one is yet and we’re not planning on finding out until the day he/she decides to make an appearance but the one reason I would pray for a girl is so I can dress her in these little socks and tights…with bows! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind what we have but if we do get a pink variety, I am straight on the Trumpette website to order plenty of these. I’ll also get some if we have a boy so Trumpette will benefit either way and so will our lovely offspring when their feet are the talk of the town.

It’s hard to pick a favourite but if you were to force me, I would have to say the Lucia’s and the Toddler Lucy’s for the girls and the Classic Johnny’s and Cowboy socks for the boys. Adorable. They appear to come beautifully packaged too, which if you know me, you’ll know I’m a sucker for a nice gift box. Come on mini lovelybyhanna, as soon as you come, we’ll buy you some of these!

Check out the website now (or check out Amazon if buying in the UK)!

Love, lovelybyhanna xxx


Lovely Mums

March 12, 2012

It’s coming up to that day most Mothers love where they are besieged with love, attention and usually presents galore – yes, this Sunday is Mothering Sunday.

I always struggle with what to get despite every shop cramming in as much Mum related paraphernalia as possible so it’s always quite a stressful time of the year (along with Birthday’s and Christmas – so the whole year then!). I love getting all the lovely catalogues through my door from companies such as Cox and Cox or and flicking through, mentally picking out what I could buy for my Mum but typically, I leave it until the last minute and end up rushing to buy some Chanel No. 5 product and a bunch of flowers, which I know she still loves. Flowers are a popular gift for occasions such as these – who doesn’t love having a beautifully colourful and fragrant masterpiece on proud display? But recently, I came across a fabulous place in Romsey, Hampshire which sells the most beautiful garden roses which make the most wonderful of gifts.

There are some cracking roses for Mother’s Day too with names, such as “Mum’s blessing“, “Mama Mia” and “Lovely Lady“. If you’re really lucky, you may find a rose with the same name as your Mum – just type in a name and see what comes up! They make fabulous gifts (I know as we presented the Mum’s with a “Mum’s blessing” rose at our wedding last year rather than a bunch of flowers that would sadly end up in the bin after a week or so) and will last for as long as your Mum looks after it, which with most roses, is quite an easy task providing they’re planted up properly.

Mum's Blessing Rose

If you’re looking for gifts for other occasions, such as birthday’s, new babies and even retirements, Pockocks Roses of Hampshire is the place for you. They’re a bargain too at around £10.

If you’re struggling – I really recommend buying your mum or that special person a rose this Mothering Sunday – she’ll love you for it and so will your Bank Manager!

Love, lovelybyhanna xxx