Lovely Anniversaries

May 4, 2012

This weekend, my husband and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary and it’s made me go all mushy! That means that one year ago, I experienced the best day of my life to date – surrounded by all the people I love most in this world and making the ultimate commitment to Mr lovelybyhanna.

This first year of married life has been, and I’m sorry to come over all sickeningly smug, absolutely wonderful. Not only did we have a magical day at The Walled Gardens at Cowdray, get to experience a month travelling around Australia, become an Aunt and Uncle to the best little nephew in town, but we’re now also expecting our first child together and this has made us deliriously happy.

People say being married doesn’t make a difference but I honestly think it does – we’ve never been closer and when I find myself aimlessly looking through our wedding photos over and over (and over!) again, I count myself very lucky. If anyone’s looking for an amazing wedding photographer by the way, you have to check Simon J Coulson out – utterly brilliant!

So this blog post is dedicated to my hubby – the most wonderful man I have ever met – and all those people about to embark on married life. It really is an exciting and incredibly romantic journey.

Love, lovelybyhanna xxx

PS Beware – my next few posts will all be wedding related! Lovely!


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